About This Site

I must move fast; you understand me. I want to go down in musical history…

Blogsploring from your humble narrator, Michael Feck, & his associates on their ever-changing relationship with music: both new and new-to-us.  Mostly indiepop, crash pop, noise pop, surf pop, shoegaze & garage, but some dabbling in other styles as well. Listening, playing, DJing, seeing it live in Portland, OR and Chicago IL (with occasional exception).   If you live in Portland or Chicago and are interested in writing or photographing for the site (we are in dire need of photographers, since everything to date has been done on janky phones; we’re trying to hide our budget under the guise of intentionally shambolic artistic statements a la Goddard and the jump cuts) please feel free to reach out!

This site will mostly be a place for cultural self-reflection, with music as an ostensible jumping-off point & a guiding focus, but with a bit more subjectivity than the average piece of music writing. We all have biases, so instead of trying to hide them, we embrace them. No one was ever drawn to music journalism that wasn’t a fan of music first.

So shamble into the room with the lights, the crowd, the whispers, glances, laughs & sighs. We’re young & here at the heart of the American night; we’ll make beautiful mistakes or find fleeting moments of perfection; we’ll sing our joys & our sufferings, dance till the room begins to spin a bit, drink till the heart begins to swoon a bit…


2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Tauna

    Hey, I’m Tauna from Tender Age. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for coming to the Boom Bap show a few weekends ago and writing about it. Jem It’s always nice to hear there are some Twee fans out there at one of our shows. Hope to see you around!



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