2014 Fall Mix Tape

Expect a bit more noise on this site in the next few days, starting with a write up of the songs included here. Till then, enjoy this track listing of fall-sounding songs from then and now. If you’re in Portland, ask me for a hard copy. I’ll have about 12 to give away at tonight’s Allo Darlin’ show!

Fall 2014 Mix Tape

1: “Shadow”  –  Wild Nothing

2: Heart Drops  –  Phantom Lights

3: Don’t Cry No Tears (Neil Young Cover)  –  The Wedding Present

4: Can The Haves Use Their Brains  –  McCarthy

5: Let’s Make The Best Out Of Our Lives  –  Nixon

6: By the Way (Built to Spill Cover)  –  Heavenly

7: Chester  –  Tiger Trap

8: Back To The Tricks  –  Brilliant Colors

9: Kurt Cobain’s Cardigan  –  The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

10: Anti Parent Cowboy Killers  –  Joanna Gruesome

11: Port Of Shadows  –  Pale Lights

12: Ghost Postage  –  Franklin Bruno

13: Hollow Inside (The Cat’s Miaow Cover)  –  Fireflies

14: Talking  –  September Girls

15: Call Me in the Day  –  La Luz

16: Your Woman (White Town Cover)  –  Cats On Fire

17: Can You Ever Trust A Man Who Thinks Matt Damon’s Really Cool?  –  The Spook School

18: Chapel Hill  –  StarTropics

19: You Invited Me  –  Baffin Island

20: Husker Dudes  –  Pet Milk

21: Why I Try To Look So Bad  –  Comet Gain

22: Into The Night  –  The Hobbes Fanclub

23: Zombie Haze  –  Burnt Palms

24: Falling In love  –  Sambassadeur

25: Your Name  –  Oh! Custer

26: All the Umbrellas in London  –  The Magnetic Fields

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