Spring 2014 Mix Tape

I’ll have a write up to follow soon, but I wanted to at least get the track list up for those of you who already have the CD. If you don’t and you’re at POPFEST, come by, say “hi” and get one from me!

1:  “The Absolute Magnitude of Negative Five” – Poastal
2:  “The 189” – Skeletal Shakes
3:  “Today It Is Even Better” – The Very Most
4:  “Arab Spring” – Literature
5:  “Propped Up By Affection” – Mammoth Penguins
6:  “I Close My Eyes To Think Of God” – Comet Gain
7:  “Wildfire” – StarTropics
8:  “Agnes Martin” – Fear of Men
9:  “Never See This Place Again” – Flowers
10: “Line Up on the Solstice” -Space Daze
11: “Sure As Spring” – La Luz
12: “Judy Is A Punk” – Horowitz
13: “Fear” – Heathers
14: “My Very Own You” – Little Big League
15: “Working Class Jacket” – My Favorite
16: “Hollow Body” – Pity Sex
17: “Hope Is Still On Your Side” – Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
18: “Cockroach girlfriend” – Secret Beach
19: “Sometimes” – This Many Boyfriends
20: “Rose Tint” – Young Romance
21: “No. 21 (demo)” – Hearts & Tigers
22: “Eden” – Astro Children
23: “Wealth of Nations” – Tortilla
24: “I Don’t Believe In The Sun” – Rose Melberg
25: “Home” – Fake Nails
26: “Alice, Sweet Alice” – Fine Pets
27: “On The Short Side” – TeenSpot
28: “Piggyback” – Week of Wonders
29: “Endless Summer” – SUN+FUN
30: “Hey You, Get Off My Moon” – Velocity Girl
31: “Notarized and Signed” – Imaginary Pants
Secret Track

1 thought on “Spring 2014 Mix Tape

  1. zach

    Oh boy, Hearts & Tigers here. So happy to see our name along so many other bands we love so much. Sorry the songs is so rough, just a demo. We have a 7″ coming out this month.
    xoxo – H&T


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