Totally What I Do…


I know it’s the band is who is ostensibly being sent up in this brilliant Onion piece, but the real brunt of the joke is on the fictional writer of the WordPress blog. The band, however horrible they may be, are at least creating something. The blogger is just a gormless audiophile, a self-declared arbiter of cool, parading about on the internet with delusions of grandeur as if the second coming of Lester Bangs (T.H.O.)1, always at least once removed from the music they love…or something. No, *you* stop looking in the mirror! Anyhow, I found it funny.


1: T.H.O. = Tedious Hipster Observation. Today’s is this: Lester Bangs was overrated. Take any average complaint registered today about Pitchfork and it could just as easily be said to be true of Bangs, yet so many see him as the alpha and omega of music journalism.  If it is, as an uncatalogued quote from a Sarah zine insists upon, that pop music is meant to be ephemeral, it’s actually music journalism that proves itself most to be ephemeral. We are the lonely set of ears, listening in the dark, reaching out to grab the light and coalesce some of the experience of it, to somehow make it last longer; to make it more intense.

No, *you’re* a bleedin’ Feckin’ hippie!

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