House Show & Upcoming Show & Exciting News…

It really has been forever since I put something up, but rest assured, popkids, I’ve got plenty of stories to tell & as soon as I get a minute to breathe, I will get you lot all caught up.

Three of my favorite Portland bands are playing on Tuesday, Feb 26: Tender Age, Souvenir Driver and Soft Shadows are playing my favorite venue in town: Valentine’s (1). Just caught Tender Age on Saturday at a house party where they sounded amazing!  (I split early, though, because everyone was smoking weed in the showspace & I didn’t want a contact high.  I’m a super-duper lightweight with weed & don’t care much for the high.  More power to those that do.)  Were I not in England for the London Popfest, I’d be at this show.  Hell, I’d go there and then right that second, turn around and walk back in and walk out again and walk back in just so I could say that “I’m so there, I’m there times 3″…No *you’re* a dork. Oh yeah, did I mention that I’M BLOODY WELL GOING TO THE LONDON POPFEST TO SEE STANDARD FARE’S LAST SHOW?!?!?!  Also can’t wait to see The Orchids, September Girls, This Many Boyfriends, Milky Wimpshake, and Flowers…there’s more I’m forgetting, but that’s what I’m most excited about. Also, Standard Fare! Their last show!  And I’m going to be there! Eeuqs!

Yeah, that’s right.  I just got so excited I “squee“ed backwards.  It’s a thing.  Or it is, now.

-Michael Feck

1: Miss you, Boom Bap and Ella St. Social Club!

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