A lot going on, a lot to be excited about…

Hoping to get caught up sometime soon, transcribing some handwritten notes from shows past onto here, but there’s *a lot* going on to be excited about right now!

On a personal note, your humble narrator had a wild weekend up north in Seattle, where I got to meet with my favorite client (an 83-year-old gent whose memoir I’m editing), then catch up with a great old friend & drop in on the NW barista regional championships, which is sorta like the Superb Owl that everyone has been talking about but for coffee nerds like myself.  (Oh yeah, & The Sonics & Mudhoney played.  NBD.)

More importantly, some big things happening in music, both local and far away.

Everyone & their 2nd cousin, twice-removed all know that MBV released songs on their site this weekend and even more people know that it’s awesome. (Yeah, I know, the hipster in me bristles at the fact that it’s so big that even Time Magazine is in on this— and lest you forget that fact, dude namechecks Erik Satie. Whatever. It’s so damn good if Hugh Hefner wants to call a national press event to talk about how awesome Kevin Shields is; you know, that’s um…like, cool or something? One of the hardest things for this kid to handle is just accepting the fact that PEOPLE YOU DON’T LIKE suddenly LIKING A THING YOU LIKE *doesn’t* then make that thing no good. Life’s hard.)

One friend, who’s wicked smart with all things musical…and otherwise, really (who I’ll just call here “The Percolator” since I haven’t asked if I could refer by name) calls it the indiekid “Chinese Democracy”. I rebutted that it’s a bad analogy, because it actually took longer  for the MBV follow up, since the “Use Your Illusion”s came out in September of 1991 (the same week “Nevermind” came out, for a little bit of historical perspective) and “Chinese Democracy” came out in 2008.  We’re forgetting about “The Spaghetti Incident” because well…wouldn’t you if you could?  “Loveless” dropped in November of 1991.  If “Loveless” were a person, it could meet you in the bar for a pint & wouldn’t need a fakie; “Chinese Democracy” couldn’t even vote…and not for reasons playing on its name.

Other big news?  So the new and much ballyhooed Veronica Falls album dropped today. I just got a limited edition white vinyl from Mike over at Slumberland in the mail today. So. Damn. Excited! Lyrics like, ““You’re a broken toy, it’s true, but I am broken too, broken just for you.” are gonna melt me quicker than an ice cube dropped on Chicago pavement in August (the cruelest month, by far). Also, their 2nd covers album is en route to me from Rough Trade. It’s not like I’m jumping up & down about it in anticipation or anything (TOTALLY JUMPING! UP AND DOWN! Deep breaths…)

On the local front, they are coming to town in March and I CAN’T WAIT! Also, appearing with them will be Brilliant Colors who I’m just as excited to see.

This week, the other big show of 2013 that I’ve been super duper extra excited times a million kerbillions or so to see is Seapony, Rose Melberg & The Happening at Mississippi Studios! SRSLY: *Squee* just thinkin’ on it. Expect to see the full write up here, soon enough afterwards.

Thursday is Naomi Punk at Holocene, and I’m told that the lads in Hausu will be playing a show sometime this week, undisclosed-as-of-yet time & location. These guys are playing some of the most exciting post-punk with just enough mathiness to be novel & exciting w/out delving into wonkiness. SRSLY, if “Bleak” doesn’t move you on their bandcamp, we might need to check yr pulse. Check-check-check it out if you get a chance! They played the Malt Ball this weekend, which I was of course out of town for, but they tore it up from several accounts of friends who were there.

Good things in the works, friends. Good, good things.

-Michael Feck

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