Passing thought on Metal…or “Why I should switch to decaf”

So, I was having a Keanu moment today when I realized that I want to be in a band where I love a song I wrote *SO MUCH* that I decide to name the album after the song…and then the band. I’ve got no proof that’s what Iron Maiden did, or Black Sabbath(1), (or Minor Threat, or Slowdive or…other bands I can’t think of) but I just love the image of a bunch of lads & lasses sitting around, so self-impressed with a particular song (or if the band name came first — whatever) that they just go all in on it and NAME EVERYTHING that thing they came up with. Can you think of any others?

This made me think, how great would it be to get a whole group of musicians together all named some variation of “Elisabeth” and then call the song, the album, the band and the musical genre: BETH METAL.


Back to your regularly scheduled (& somewhat less puntastic…we can only hope) show & album reviews next post.


1: Thanks for that one, LBS.

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