The Blog With a Thorn in its Side…

The love that is in our eyes, it’s this music.  Frankly, Mr. Shankly, I don’t care what they do or don’t believe now or ever, this is about discovering new music and maybe celebrating a bit of the old.

I may have cast Smiths references rife about the blog, (and they’ll be countless more allusions to a great many things) but for the most part, this is gonna be a blog wherein I, your humble narrator Michael Feck, will spin a yarn or two about NEW music (though occasionally just new-to-me); Shambling Indiepop, Crashpop, Retro New Wave/ Indie Dancepop, Noisepop, Twee, and Shoegaze.   They’ll be things about some band I’ve seen seen or some 7 inch I’ve bought or some grand music-related memory, mostly having to do with DIY, Indiepop, C 86, Anorak, Jangle.

Some Punk, Post-Punk and Riot Grrrl will of course seep in, I imagine, since who really escapes their roots, but this is intended to be my blog of musical discovery.  Also, look for periodic updates from fellow correspondent Russell T. Spanner & his unique takes on music.

There will probably be a lot of wordy goings on, so I imagine a terse & more pic friendly edit/best of will find its way to a Tumblr if this winds up being a successful enough articulation of sentiments.

In addition to posts whenever I feel so moved, regular features I hope to provide are semi-regular Saturday reviews of compilations, mix tapes or albums, highlights from Sunday’s brunch record swap: The Breakfast Club (If you’re in Portland, send me an e-mail to join as we drink tea & coffee and spin some late-morning 45’s over a light snack to percolate our way through the cloudy day) and Tuesdays may see a write up from the weekly Anorak night the eve before wherein yours truly will be spinning records alternating at the Tube or the Yes and No depending on the week.  I can’t tell you How Does It Feel To Be Loved, but with some Skatterbrained trolling of the internets and paper listings, and some ample bandcampery, I can hopefully share with you a bit of how it sounds.

Most importantly, buckle up: hope you enjoy the ride, & either learn a bit about some bands you’ve not heard of before or else enjoy some discussion about the bands you have.

And if it all seems a bit odd, forgive your host: the Perrier must have gone straight to my head.

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